William Robert Anderson (Bill)

4/29/1948 ~ 1/27/2016

AndersonBillCrop“Thanks for ridin’ with”
William Robert Anderson was born to James Gordon Anderson and Flora May Allred Anderson April 29, 1948. He lived his entire life in Ephraim, graduated from Manti High School, and attended Snow College. He worked in several of the local industries. He did well at everything he tried. He was married, but later divorced. He passed away January 27, 2016.
From the very start he had a natural love and profound gift for working with animals. As an example, he helped his friend Lamont Christensen furnish animals for a number of television shows and a number of movies, traveling to locations as far away as central Mexico.
He was unfailingly honest and generous with his time and money to everyone. He was always great company. He leaves behind friends too numerous to mention.
Because of the weather, graveside services will not be held, but rather a celebration of his life will be held Thursday February 4, 2016 In the Ephraim 2nd Ward LDS Chapel (450 N 200 W Ephraim, UT) at 1:00 p.m. with a viewing from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. prior to the services at the church. Interment will be held afterward in the Ephraim Park Cemetery. Online condolence rasmussenmortuary.com

8 Responses to “William Robert Anderson (Bill)”

  1. Hal Cherry says:

    Jim.. This is cousin Hal Cherry. I was taken back yesterday to hear that Bill had passed away. My thoughts are with you Jim. I so remember our younger years in Ephraim and spending time at your grandma’s ILA’s and grandpa Rob’s, My aunt and uncle. If you have an email I sure would like it. Mine is hcswf@infowest.com. Let’s re- connect.
    Jim I express to you my sympathy and know I will be thinking about you during this time with Bill’s unexpected passing.

  2. Gary Myrup says:

    Such a shock to lose a friend like Bill. We attended Snow College together, but I remember Bill from high school even though we grew up in different communities. We seemed to run with the same group of friends and that friendship grew over the years. We enjoyed many good times at rodeos, riding club, parties and just being in eachothers presence. Bill was always there to help out when I was involved with the county fair or at any rodeo in our area. As honest and unselfish as anyone could be. He was smart and always had knowledge to share if asked. Bill, I wish we could still have more time together, but till then, “Happy Trails to you until we meet again, my friend!”

  3. Steve Willden says:

    So sad to hear about the loss of a good man. Bill was a good friend and and I will never forget the good times I got to spend with him having coffee and doing chores at Ronde’s. Bill always had good story’s to tell, and lots of knowledge to share. I think he read every book in the Ephraim library. Bill valued his friends, and had a lot of them. The only thing I ever heard bill say he hated was thistles and he also had a lot of them out at (Billville), but I think he actually enjoyed killing thistles,and he had unique and lengthy process of doing so to ensure they didn’t come back. Bill will be missed but not forgotten. HAPPY TRAILS my friend.

  4. Hal Cherry says:

    As I have thought about Bill since I learned of his unexpected passing I have reminisced about my cousin Bill. We grew up together in Ephraim. We spent more time together playing when we were kids than we did as we got older. But let me say that Bill has always been Bill. He was a friend to many and would help at any given moment if he knew of someone who needed help. Bill was smart, there wasn’t to many problems he could not solve. He was as honest as they came. I will miss seeing Bill when I am in Ephraim driving down main street or seeing him out at Billville checking on his horses or fixing fence or killing the weeds that had taken over the pasture. RIP Bill until the time we will see you again.

  5. VaLyn Jones says:

    We will miss Bill, he was a great cousin, and a good man. He went too soon. At least he will be with his Mother, his Dad, his Grandparents and his Aunt VaNiece. Who will pick up our Memorial flowers? Our Condolences to Jim.
    VaLyn & Lloyd – See more at: http://www.legacy.com/guestbooks/saltlaketribune/william-robert-anderson-condolences/177510175?view=2&entry=105417414&referrer=1#sthash.K47NCQMs.dpuf

  6. Kelly DeLeeuw says:

    Bill… lifelong friend, traveling and rodeo companion, hunting partner and exceptionally good person. Always there when he saw you needed some help. Didn’t need to ask, he was just there with a helping hand. Whether it was hauling hay, riding horses, gathering sheep, chasing cows or trying to herd hogs, Bill was always fun to be with. It is sad we have to grow old, but it seems we all to do it. Until we meet again my friend, thanks for the good times.

  7. Larry Blain says:

    Good Intentions = Regrets, I guess that’s what I’m feeling after hearing of Bill’s passing. I always had good intentions to stop and visit with Bill when in town or passing through. I failed to make the effort so I will live with that until I see him again. The previous comments have painted a picture of Bill that couldn’t more correct. Bill was a good friend that taught me about horses, humility, honesty and charity. When I needed money he bought my saddle, when I needed help or someone to talk to he was there! Bill and I entered up in the wild cow milking at a riding club meet in Price, UT. Bill knew I wanted to rope the cow instead of being the mugger so he made the sacrifice even though I outweighed him by 100 lbs. That’s the kind of guy he was! I roped the cow but when I threw the rope it went around Bill’s neck. I jumped off and grabbed the end of the rope which made it worse. Bill ended with rope burns but not a word of what I had done wrong. I could go on and on about the fun times I had with Bill. Memories are a treasured part of our lives, Bill; you will be in mine until we meet again.

  8. Wendy Lewis (Keller) says:

    Bill a man I grew up adoring. Bill always made sure I had the proper over and under for my barrel horses and always had a spare on hand. I have so many memories of Bill, I cant remember a rodeo in Fairview or Manti or even Ephraim that he was not running the roping chute. Bill was always at the house several hours before egar to help and always the last to leave. Bill was a man of very few words but the words he spoke were always kind and honest. His lil laugh and smile always made me smile. I know my parents will sure miss you as will I. Rest in peace Bill and thanks for all your encouragement and support for 42 years…..love Wendy