Howard Veater

06/18/1950 ~ 08/03/2018

VeaterHowardCropHoward Veater, 68 of Ephraim, UT, passed August 3, 2018. Brother of Debbie Mackie of Ephraim, UT. Graveside Services will be held Sunday August 12, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. in the Sterling City Cemetery.

11 Responses to “Howard Veater”

  1. Debbie Mackie says:

    Dear Debbie, so sorry to here of your loss. We send our Love Chris and Teri

  2. Daughter says:

    Don’t know who submitted this obituary but I hate to break it to you all in small town ephraim but he also had 2 daughters and a half brother!!!! Funny only Debbie was mentioned!!!!

  3. Cherrie Jeff Jensen says:

    Dear Nicole and Lorri so very sorry for your loss. Your in our thoughts and prayers. Love Jeff and Cherrie

  4. Lynette Adams says:

    I am so sorry Lorri and Nicole for the loss of your dad, my prayers and thoughts are with you. love you guys.

  5. Wendy says:

    So sorry for your loss Debbie! You were so good to Howard and I know how much he loved you!

  6. Tia Farrow says:

    To Nicole and Lorri I am so sorry for your loss your dad meant so much to my family, may he rest in peace with my mom!

  7. Jayme Talbot says:

    I thought I had the wrong post at first. I thought Howard had 2 daughters? I sure hope they recognized as well.
    Nicole and Lorri,
    I am so sorry for your loss. I hope you both have comfort in knowing you will see him again. I’m always here if you need anything. Love you both

  8. Daughter says:

    Thanks everyone from parowan for your concern!! !! You guys are the ones who truly knew him and loved him❤️ Thanks for all you support during this difficult time dealing with the other family members up here!!!! We will have our own celebration of his life down there how he would’ve loved it and surrounded by those who loved him❤️ More info to come we just received his ashes in the mail today’, yes it’s wrong and morbid but we will be doing something down there!! Thank you all ❤️

  9. Daughter says:

    I also wanted to mention he had 2 amazing daughters and 2 awesome granddaughters Kylie and Caitlin and an awesome grandson Tyler, and a 1/2 brother Shawn who loved him dearly much. He was preceded in death by both his parents and his closest friends from parowan!! R.I.P dad we loveYou❤️ Until we meet again. Fly high

  10. End to a bad chapter beginning of a new one!!

  11. Friend says:

    The service was beautiful, his sister and his brother included his two daughters in their comments. How very small of people to disrespect Howard at this time, on this venue, he would be heartbroken. Godspeed Howard, you are missed.