Charles “Charlie” Ralph Staker

StakerCharles003StakerCharles001CropCharles “Charlie” Ralph Staker, born March 2, 1948, died at home of natural causes on Sunday, July 14, 2019. He is survived by 1 sister and 3 brothers. Glendona (Charles) Hermansen, Gordon R. ( Beverly) Staker, Robert W. (Sheila) Staker, and Ed (Sara) Staker. He was preceded in death by his parents Gordon and Glenda Staker.
Charlie was born in Mt. Pleasant and graduated from North Sanpete High School. He loved all sports and excelled in football, basketball, baseball, and tennis in high school. Everyone loved Charlie. He went on to play baseball at Snow College before serving a 2 1/2 year mission to Uruguay for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He was a straight A student in high school and was a graduation speaker. He also played the trumpet in the band. He loved to fish, hunt, and play summer softball.
Charlie was the outstanding chemistry student at Snow College his freshman year. He worked a wide variety of jobs and in spite of his many challenges he remained fiercely independent to the end. We love you Charlie.
Graveside services will be held Saturday July 20, 2019 at 1:00 p.m. in the Mt. Pleasant City Cemetery with a viewing at 12:00 noon at the cemetery. Online condolence

4 Responses to “Charles “Charlie” Ralph Staker”

  1. Terry Johansen says:

    I haven’t seen Charlie for a long time..he was a good man and a very hard worker…may he RIP

  2. Ted Olsen says:

    Charlie was a true friend to my brother Boyd Olsen. I hope they have a great time catching up in the Spirit world. No one has ever matched Charlie’s unique style jump shot. May God bless all of you wonderful family members. Ted Olsen

  3. Frank Jorgenson says:

    When my brother Byron and I used to play tennis at the courts across the street from the Staker home,
    Charlie used to come over often and give us some pointers on the game. He was always very kind to all us youngsters growing up, and someone we all looked up to.
    I also remember him as an avid fisherman years ago. Best wishes to the family.

  4. Duane Hansen says:

    Things I remember about my cousin Charles (God bless him and R.I.P.):

    Charlie (field strength events) and Boyd Olsen (track running events) were 75% of the North Sanpete High Track Team from 1963-1966.

    Charlie was always nice to me and I know if I was ever in trouble or danger, he swim, climb, run, walk, jump what was needed to save me & Ed or any friend if we were in danger.

    Charlie was a very strong and tough baseball catcher and hitter from little league (White team?) with a wicked, horizontal through to 2nd base (he’d good naturedly tease talk to you when you’d come up to bat); always giving every effort at 110% in baseball catching, running bases, football tackling (I was the on the receiving end of his runs and feared practicing against him); he was the one you wanted on your team in city summer night league soccer (Coach Rock’s summer programs); un-returnable tennis serve (he’d tease us when we gave up trying to return it); a good natured big brother teaser to me and Ed all the years we hung out together as kids and teens; powerful swimmer. I agree with Ted Olsen…he had different but accurate jump shoot.

    Hard worker…he would not quit anything until it was done.

    I can still hear him studying diligently for a test by talking out the questions and answers out loud for hours while Ed and I would go in and out a play and come back inside and he’d still be studying out loud and would ace the test and homework the next day at school.

    As I list these things…I really think he was the #1 best, strongest, all-around athlete and academic student in Northern Sanpete County. I can’t think of anyone else as strong and gifted in all-around sports.

    I am looking forward to catching up with Charlie and Boyd Olsen down the road and enjoy watching and visiting with them. They are two of the most underrated and un-rewarded but deserving and determined guys I knew growing up.