Franklin Max Llewellyn

8/15/1935 ~ 1/2/2021

Franklin Max Llewellyn, died January 2, 2022 at the age of 86, at Covington Senior Living in Orem, Utah. Franklin was born to David Elmo Llewellyn and Phyllis Allred Llewellyn on August 15, 1935 in Mt. Pleasant, Utah. He was the oldest of five children, having four sisters: Jacqueline, Nancy, Virginia and Laura.
Frank’s family moved to Los Angeles during his elementary years. His high school years were divided between North Sanpete High in Utah and North Hollywood High in California. It was at North Sanpete High School that he met Barbara Clark. They were married in 1954 and their first home was an apartment in Sun Valley, California. In 1957 they purchased their first home in Sunland, California.
Most of his career was spent at Heath & Company; first as an electrical sign installer and then as the operations manager. Later he also worked as an operations manager at Young Electric Sign Company and Image National. He retired in 2002 and moved to Spring City, Utah.
He is survived by two sisters, Nancy Willets and Laura DeGeorge; children, David (Donna) Llewellyn, Gregory Llewellyn, Kelly (Lori) Llewellyn, Kenneth Llewellyn, Everett Wayne (Heather) Llewellyn, Roger Llewellyn, Mickey (David) Allen, Franklin Jr. (Jane) Llewellyn, and Casey (Cindie) Hilliard; 21 Grandchildren and 20 Great Grandchildren.
Funeral Services will be held Thursday, January 6, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. in the Historic Spring City Ward Chapel (150 S Main) with a viewing from 9:30 – 10:30 a.m. prior to services at the church. Interment in the Fountain Green City Cemetery.

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6 Responses to “Franklin Max Llewellyn”

  1. Everett Llewellyn says:

    So very sad, he was a great man and the only Father I knew other than our Heavenly Father. Although I am very disturbed not to see my name or my brothers names in the obituary. We were sealed in the Temple so we will be together again.

    • Everett Llewellyn says:

      Thank you, For including me and my brothers. I have missed you very much Dad .

    • Donna Llewellyn says:

      That’s a disturbing thought. I looked and it wasn’t your name, but Greg’s that was left out, along with one misspelled name. My apologies. The corrections have been made. I appreciate everyone’s comments and stories. He was a great father in law.

  2. Paul Stoll says:

    Sad for our loss but glad knowing Frank is now Joined with Barbra again and his family.
    Frank is a great example to me and has taught me so much. His kindness, generosity and love for me and my family will forever be cherished. I am so glad our father in heaven has blessed Frank and his family throughout his live and now will be rewarded in Heaven. Give my dad and daughter a big hug for me Frank!

  3. What do you say, that hasn’t already been covered today?
    How about one of his nicknames, “Watermelon Llewellyn”, as he was often referred to at work, I called him Coach, as he was, both on and off court. I also, as many was a recipient of his generosity. I remember back in the early 70’s taking care of their dog, Rufus I think, when they were out of town, and being paid quite nicely, and also getting one of those cool Blue “Goodyear” jackets that he had, and of course like many got me my first real job at Heath & Co., been in the sign business since 1976 because of generosity, and I’ll end with this, one of the best gifts he gave me was this advice one afternoon in the shop at Heath, he said “It’s o.k. for a son to Hug his Dad. Thank you Frank may you Rest in Peace.
    Much love and respect Rick and Luann.

  4. Frank Llewellyn Jr says:

    Dad, I know your were ready to leave this earth even though I wasn’t ready for you to go. The empty feeling inside me with out you here is harder than I ever could imagine. You have shown me what it is to be a man and a father. You have shown me unconditional love compassion and understanding. I am truly grateful for you to have been my father and hope one day I can live up to the name given to me and be the man that you were on this earth. Love you Dad