Julia Mae Sigrest

3/25/2022 ~ 7/11/2022

Julia Mae Sigrest passed away July 11, 2022. Daughter of Tyler Wayne & Rachel Lauren Tenney Sigrest and brother of Austin Sigrest of Fairview, Utah. Born March 25, 2022 in Orem, Utah.

Funeral services will be held Monday, July 18, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. in the Fairview 2nd Ward Chapel with a viewing from 9:30 – 10:30 a.m. prior to services at the church. Interment in the Fairview City Cemetery.

Access to the Recorded services will be available for 60 days from 7/18/2022

Click Here to watch recorded Funeral service.

Click Here to watch recorded Graveside Services.

5 Responses to “Julia Mae Sigrest”

  1. Kate and Ryan Bullock says:

    Dearest Sigrest fam-

    We are incredibly heartbroken for you. We cannot heal your broken hearts, but we can tell you how loved your sweet family is.

    Now you have a sweet guardian angel, who, I believe, will be close by always. This is not how you wanted this to go, however, you can still feel her and talk to her. This is of little comfort now, but I pray it may comfort you later.

    We love you. We are so very sorry. We pray you will be comforted in your grief.

  2. michelle saenz says:

    We will y’all in our prayers she is with more Sigrest and my mom we are sorry for your lost

  3. Donald Maynard says:

    So sorry about your lost. Was able to watch the proceedings thru zoom. Prayer’s for YOU and YOUR LOVED ONE’S.

    Bro. Don Maynard

  4. Don Bryson says:

    This is late because I had no words to express my thoughts. I still don’t, so I’ll just say that Julie is like a blue giant star. They are big and influential in their life, but that life is very short. When they leave the state they’ve been in, they shed their energy into matter that results in a super nova. Brighter than all the other stars in their galaxy put together. Then that matter can become other stars or planets. Julie shown brightly for a short time, and in leaving she left hearts full of the influence she had and will have. She still exists but in a purer form and in a place deserving of her light and influence. Our task is to learn from the pain, learn from the fragility of life. Julie will forever be a light and influence to all who knew her, loved her, or even only knew the joy she gave to you all.
    God bless us all til we meet again.

  5. Sheri Leonardis says:

    I am so sorry. My heart breaks for you all. God has perfect angels and now he has yours. You are in my prayers.