Keith Blake Peterson

Keith Blake Peterson, 65, of Ephraim, UT passed away December 31, 2021 at his cabin in Ephraim. He was born to LuDeal and LuDean Peterson on October 10, 1956 in Mt. Pleasant, UT. Blake was proud of his deep Sanpete roots. He always said he had a happy childhood growing up on “the rez” (northeast Ephraim) with his brother, three sisters, cousins, and friends. His father worked on the railroad, so his mother was the one who chased him with a willow stick when needed.

During his youth he enjoyed sports, especially baseball and wrestling, and running wild in the east mountains. Blake was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and valued his participation as a boy scout.

During his years at Manti High he learned woodworking skills that served him all of his life. He also worked on the family farm and discovered Mopars, another lifelong passion. Hunting, fishing, camping, and getting stuck on the mountain were favorite hobbies. 

After graduation from Manti High in 1974 he served proudly in the National Guard, an experience he valued because it widened his world view. Blake’s abilities were many and varied, and he always had a project: cars, engines, structures, remodeling, laying rock, landscaping, etc. 

He worked in the coal mine for years, after which he started a tow truck business with his brother-in-law. He also worked at Sanpete Valley Hospital as a groundskeeper. He then became a contractor, specializing in restoration of older structures and building with logs. 

Blake was creative and artistic. He could see art in wood, stone, steel, and wire, and he had the talent to carve, build, and weld his ideas into reality. His family and friends have carvings, chests, vases, rocking horses, and furniture that they will forever treasure.

In 1975 his mother died, and in 1981 his brother, Kenneth, passed away as well. These were profound losses, impacting Blake deeply. From then on his struggles with substances and addictions escalated, and those struggles continued off and on throughout his life, with a 14 year period of sobriety. 

In 1975 he married Dana Tricola (later divorced), and they had one son, Brandon. In 1980 he married Kathleen Moore (later divorced), and they had two children, Joshua and Shea. He married Mathilda Barreiro in 1993, later divorced, though they remained lifelong friends. 

Blake is survived by his sons Brandon (Andrea) Peterson; Joshua (Ashley) Peterson; and daughter Shea (Landon) Nielsen, along with his ten grandchildren who he loved dearly. 

He is also survived by his three sisters: Christie (Doug) Court, Debbra Paradis, Wendy (Linc) Bitting and numerous nieces and nephews.  

He is preceded in death by his parents and his brother, Kenneth. 

Funeral services will be held at the Ephraim Stake Center at 400 East Center Street on Friday, January 7, 2022 at 11:00 am. Friends may call Friday morning from 9:00-10:30 am prior to services. Interment will follow services at the Ephraim Park Cemetery under the care of Rasmussen Mortuary. 

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3 Responses to “Keith Blake Peterson”

  1. Blake will be missed by many people,
    He was a wise and honorable man.
    And a best friend to a choice few!
    I know he is smiling down on his loved ones

    I will miss you big bro!!!
    Sincerely J. David

  2. Ludy Davis Danielson says:

    My dearest cousins , what a shock to hear of Blake’s sudden death. My heart is broken at your loss . He was always such a good person so ready to help everyone regardless of his own struggles. My heart goes out to each of you especially Christilu Debbra Wendy and your families. So sorry I’m unable to be at the service in person. I loved Blake from the moment I met him when he was a rambunctious active baby. I send my love and condolences, may God be with you
    Your cousin, Ludy Marion

  3. Katie Thompson says:

    My heart just shattered when I found out he had died so suddenly and so unexpected. In the short amount of time of knowing Blake he became a father figure to me. He helped me in the most difficult and challenging time in my life,I don’t think he knew how many ways he had helped. My girls and him had an amazing bond from day one.. they would call him uncle Blake. My oldest had decided one day that she needed uncle Blake to help her with her homework and he did. They both looked forward to forward to spending that time together. Josh would always see me at his house or our and about running errands. Matilda he spoke so highly of you and showed so much compassion for you I could see the most amazing connection you guys had. I’m so happy I the memories I have of him the good,the bad and the wtf is going on or happened memories. I will always cherish in my heart along with the pictures I had taken Brandon, Shea, and Josh my heart shatters into a million pieces for you. He is such an amazing person. I can’t find all the words to describe him, he’s just so many things. This definitely hits hard, its going to be a major impact in my life. I had a dream right before I found out he had passed and he told me everything is going to be okay, I was a little confused and I looked at my phone and had a message that he had died. I know he’s watching over every one. I love you so much Blakey Poo and I’m going to miss you beyond words. Fly high so you can rest in paradise